1. Them Days

From the recording Them Days

Charley was a complicated man so I wanted to do justice to him writing an original song about his life. I wanted to describe Charley in just a few words...an impossible feat. Before starting this project, I began buying up all the Russell books I could get so I could find out more about this cowboy artist. Like the rest of the songs on the upcoming album called Storytellin', I sing as if Charley is telling the stories about his life. I sing and play all the instruments but I'm especially proud of the drum playing. It's a toe-tapper for sure!
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Them Days
Words & Music by Calvin Luna Balli
Copyright 2013 Calvin Balli Music
I began my life in the Civil War
My uncles had fought on this land torn
I followed the banks of the Ol' Mississippi
In search of a dream like Lewis and Clark
So I blazed my trail to Helena country
I never looked back this artist is coming
I'm just a cowboy
I'm no movie star
I ride my Hoss Monte
No stinky cars
I seen the coming of the civilized mind
the sound of guns on this human kind
Have you seen the herds and the Grand stampede
Running from fear this vanishing breed
I'm just a cowboy
I'm no movie star
I'm Charles Marion Russell
the artist from Great Falls
I'm a midnight wrangler and sleep until two
All you cowpunchers and trail boss too
I'll watch the herd closely, miscreants beware
Coyotes and wild cats a whisper will scare
I wear my sash and my riding boots
catch me at the Dollar and Mint saloon
I'm just a cowboy
I'm no movie star
I'm the western artist
Welcome me to your heart 
Hey, hey hey hey.........
I met a pistolero who wasn't very nice
I gave him a drawing and said alright
I saw him playing cards just the other night
Someone had shot him over a fight
Me and my buddies we all agreed
Life in Them Days was our history
I'm just a cowboy
I'm no movie star
I'm Kid Russell
Enjoy my art