1. Sorteo

From the recording Sorteo

I was fascinated with bullfighting in the mid sixties. At the Plaza de Toros in Quito, Ecuador, I once saw El Cordobes fight. After exhausting the brave bull with his famous Veronica! passes, he would run to the bull sliding right up to it's face and plant a kiss to his forehead! He would gracefully and majestically walk away with his back to the bull to the roar of his fans. At the time, he was one of the highest paid athletes. His suit of lights that he wore...the people in the highest seats could see his every move. Before the fight my brother and I got to see him at the sorteo a holding ring for the bulls. A selection was done and Manuel Benitez got the top bull. I walked above him to his snorting and growling all the while kicking up dirt behind him. This was one mean bull. Well El Cordobes won the battle and got a tail and two ears. I will never forget the energy, the bullfighting music, the horn players and the excitement of the moment. I am glad bullfighting is removed from our viewing conscience but it is amazing. It's part of my DNA of my spanish/italian heritage. Today I love watching the videos that do not kill or harm the animal. Men today fight the younger bulls and would never face down a fighting bull from San Mateo. After the fight I saw them butcher the bull and give away portions to the needy. Fresh fajitas!!