1. Roll Call

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This is my take on the story of the companion paintings by Charles Marion Russell, Breaking Camp and Cowboy Camp During the Roundup (see my March 29, 2014 Blog). In the art pieces, he includes 25 of his buddies of the 1887 roundup in Montana's Judith Basin. I got nearly all of them but maybe someone can tell me who all of them were. Anyway, Charley must have really loved this time in his life: the smell of rawhide, the talk of the cowboys, and the good eating on the trail.
I do all the voices, which leads into the song, The Roundup. These boys came from everywhere including Europe to take part in the cattle roundup. The rich boys would show off their fancy clothes and horses (the best that money could buy). Since they were the best cowboys in Montana, they rode Smooth Fork. There were no fences at this time, just open range.