1. Off She Went

From the recording Off She Went

Off She Went is the final song for my album, Storytellin', a tribute to Charles Marion Russell. It has taken me over three years to put together. In this song Charley is singing around a campfire with his cowboy and Indian buddies. They are playing various sticks, cowbells, and percussion instruments to accompany Charley who is feeling down because Nancy was gone.
In the last 10 years of Charley's life, Nancy would often leave the retreat they were visiting due to her being sickly and moody. Also, Charley was 10 years older and was stuck on his old ways. There was a lot of tension in their marriage but through all the pain, there was Charley's art. Nancy would leave to sell his work to the affluent often across the country, which would take weeks of travel. During these times, Charley was miserable without her.
This hauntingly beautiful song was first written by myself and Richard Dale McKinney nearly thirty years ago. I used my guitar part of the song and tweaked it to tell Charley and Nancy's story. With the chemistry of music writing I produced a spacey theme of Charles in heaven during the sound mixing. I like to think that Charley's spirit is speaking to me through the ages. I am honored to be part of this tribute to this great man.
I paint this scene with sound as Charley is singing you a ballad of Charley and Nancy.  I play an Ovation guitar through the effects of my Vox Amp. The song is simple and I recorded the bass part with a Fender P bass. I gave it a Paul MaCartney kick with a dance cadence tempo. So kick off your shoes and do the two step!!


Off She Went
By Calvin Luna Balli and Richard Dale McKinney
Copyright 2014 Calvin Balli Music

Off she went without even a word
I'm absent minded, and quite disconcerned
Off she went without a word
I'm absent minded, quite disconcerned
Once by the window staring up at the sky
Then by the canvas, painting the reasons why
Nancy Cooper Russell won't you come back to me
I'm lonely baby can't you see
Why did you do those things to me
I told you there's no guarantees
Off she went without even a word
I'm absent minded, and quite disconcerned
Nancy Cooper Russell won't you come back to me
I want to be the man that you want me to be
Why did you do this to me
I told you there are no guarantees
Our love will be told in history
I love you Mame just you and me