1. Hoover's Pig

From the recording Hoover's Pig

When cowboy artist, Charles Marion Russell first came to Montana as a teenager, he hooked up with Jake Hoover, a mountain man. They lived in the wilderness for nearly two years. One day, Jake bought a piglet to fatten up for the winter. This song is my interpretation of Charles' humorous story of Jake Hoover's Pig originally written in the early 1900s. The highlight of this song is Ned Mefford's bass playing. My friend makes some interesting “pig” sounds at times...listen for them! We did that track in one take.
The intro includes my friends Ned Mefford as Jake Hoover, Barbara Brunton as the Madam, her daughters Eileen Wooten Balli and Susie Boehm as Mary Jane, my brother in law Jason Boehm as Charlie and Gretchen Axelson as Jake's girl. I want my audience to hear Charlie's story but I put my own inspiration in. Charlie was a colorful and often humorous storyteller so pull yourself up to the campfire, grab some grub, then listen to the story of Hoover's Pig. Charlie, this one is for you and Jake.